We are Anorak. An advertising agency located in the heart of Oslo. A proud member of the North Alliance Family. We create ideas that people care and talk about. Ideas that solves marketing challenges and build brands. Cost-effectively through creativity. We are digital and we are analog. Whatever the challenge, concept and idea need us to be.

Anorak AS

Wergelandsveien 15,
0167 Oslo


90 76 06 04


name position email phone
Torgeir Vierdal Managing Director / Partner torgeir@anorak.no 90760604
Rune Roalsvig Account Director / Partner rune@anorak.no 93043191
Janne Espevalen Account Director / Partner janne@anorak.no 90021573
Kine A. Werenskiold Account Director / Partner kine@anorak.no 92039571
Kristian Lyse Account Director kristian@anorak.no 98268345
Nicklas Bohman Head of Insight & Strategy / Partner nicklas@anorak.no 40087582
Elisabeth Søråsen Strategic Planner / Partner elisabeth@anorak.no 92817304
Ørnulf Johnsen Planner / Partner ornulf@anorak 004522971925
Ellen Sørnes Hilleren Account Manager / Partner ellen@anorak.no 93036016
Gunhild C. Sedal Finance Manager gunhild@anorak.no 93099261
Kristina Tallaksen Flaten Account Manager kristina@anorak.no 92054080
Camilla von Borcke Account Manager camilla@anorak.no 92611805
Hege Iren Dyrseth Account Manager hege@anorak.no 95701629
Henrik Guderud PR & Activation Director henrik@anorak.no 90088758
Maren Mosaker Editor / Content Producer maren@anorak.no 95495221
Gaute Wetlesen Skåre Copywriter gaute@anorak.no 95876324
Jens Petter Aarhus Creative / Partner jenspetter@anorak.no 90745988
Hallvard Fjeldbraaten Copywriter / Partner hallvard@anorak.no 46634991
Pål Høyer-Andreassen Creative / Partner pal@anorak.no 99618547
Magnus Høgberg Hansen Creative / Partner magnus@anorak.no 93223704
Peter Power Copywriter peter@anorak.no 90121995
Øistein Markus Holm Copywriter oistein@anorak.no 92041949
Stein Simonsen Creative stein@anorak.no 99523490
Lars Holthe Creative / Partner lars@anorak.no 45815748
Eirik Johansen Creative / Partner eirik@anorak.no 98603085
Kasper Amundsen Tuvnes Creative kasper@anorak.no 91330094
Jens Bjørklund Creative jens@anorak.no 98823229
Tone Jansson Creative tone@anorak.no 96846781
Anna Berg Gjendem Creative anna@anorak.no 99390994
Kaja Wang Creative kaja@anorak.no 98427317
Nora Eide Creative nora@anorak.no 93092929
Darri Thorsteinsson Motion Designer / Co-director darri@anorak.no 94846937
Nökkvi Thorsteinsson Motion Designer / Co-director nokkvi@anorak.no 97166778
Erlend Dal Sakshaug Animator erlend@anorak.no 92425191
Edel Drage Graphic designer edel@anorak.no 47039987
Yngve Nilssen Graphic designer yngve@anorak.no 97722193
Sondre Hårstad Graphic designer sondre@Anorak.no 41250908
Ronny Donberg Production ronny@anorak.no 91342968