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Our challenge

In the autumn Norwegian lamb is at it’s best. Throughout the country people cook the traditional dish “fårikål”, lamb with cabbage. This year MatPrat.no – Norway’s largest recipe site, wanted to show new ways to prepare lamb and to do that they wanted to talk about an other important part of the autumn; the harvest and how seasonal vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and berries lift the taste of lamb.


To do that we built a physical and edible webpage on a patch next to a local farm Haneborggård, outside Oslo. Everyone that made the trip could pick a freshly harvested batch of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and berries. We contributed recipes and inspiration on how to use the harvest with lamb.

Through MatPrats own channels, social media and press, we invited people to come and taste our edible webpage. The first version disappeared on the very first day, so we made two more editions, with added ingredients and new recipes.

The edible webpage also came to life in it’s natural habitat – on the internet. Here you could dig further in to the different recipes and learn more about how fresh ingredients can be used together with lamb. To keep people’s engagement up and drive traffic to our webpage, we made edible Facebook-posts, each in form of small competitions.


When the campaign ended, we could easily conclude that people were hungry for autumn food. In one week we had 3000 visitors to our physical webpage, and our digital version version received over 80000 visitors, checking out our recipes. Not bad for a small scale campaign on a budget the size of a blueberry.