Our Challenge

EVO is a fitness center chain that does not have classes and instructors, one that focuses on individual training. This is why our target group is people who like to train on their own.

People who prefer to figure out and put together their own training plan.

At EVO, our concern is that these training plans are often ineffective. We see that there are many people who perform exercises entirely incorrectly since they never learned the exercises properly, and they are therefore at risk of causing themselves injury or otherwise getting poor results from their training. EVO intends to address this. And in doing so, we want EVO to take on the role as the go-to fitness center for independent training.


Where does your target group look for exercises, instructional videos and inspiration for their training? On YouTube, of course.

If you search for “push up” on YouTube, it will bring up 1.5 million results. As the Internet’s largest TV channel, it is overflowing with training guides, videos, tips and tricks — generally of relatively poor quality.

Our strategy was therefore to create something that would compete with all the other search results and training content on YouTube. Something that could help our target group to learn exercises properly, while at the same time entertaining and inspiring them. This way, EVO would also get noticed by its target group.

Our idea became “Do your thing — a slightly different training guide.” More specifically, a training guide tailored for YouTube with eight essential strength exercises put together by EVO’s training experts. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before — and has professional expertise at its core. Using YouTube annotations, we designed the training guide so that you can conveniently maneuver throughout the guide in one video. Each exercise will take you back to the main menu, with clickable links and graphics in the video.
You can also visit EVO’s website at any time and read more about EVO or become a member.


The training guide can be used as a recruitment tool by turning the advertising on YouTube and the search function off or on. It has been seen so far by more than 100,000 people who are interested in training, and it is easy to change the focus of the campaign depending on the season and its message. The guide has also become a tool that to a great extent can be used by members. We are now working on implementing touch-screens on treadmills at the training centers, so that people who warm up can use the training guide too.




2014 Gullblyanten - Bronze - Direct