The Hunger campaign was a promotion with the goal of increasing the number of transactions, primarily from new customers. At the same time we had new insights about the market that showed that we needed to differentiate ourselves more clearly and make it easier for people to choose Dolly Dimple’s.

Pizza chains are traditionally positioned as “socializing with quality “. Most people can relate to the “time squeeze” having to deal with multiple schedules during the day; work and private.  We saw a potential to differentiate Dolly based on their promise to produce and serve a pizza in 15 minutes.

Therefore, we launched the campaign «Hunger comes all of a sudden.»  (Hunger is the name of Dolly Dimple’s best selling pizza).

This was executed digitally, in social media and outdoors, as well as inhouse/in restaurants. The incremental sales in the campaign period was 82% and lifted the sales with 9% compared to last years sales. The films were seen in social media by more than 400.000 people.