MatPrat is all about inspiring Norwegians to use local produce in new and innovative ways, which is why we wanted to look at how even the most common dishes can actually be transformed into fairly exotic ones, just by trying something new. To get help with upping the foreign factor for Norwegian cuisine, we decided to travel to what has become Norwexico.

This film is part of MatPrat’s new street food recipes, in which four foreign chefs visited MatPrat in Norway and showed how they put their twist on each recipe.

While almost every store talks about grilling, we figured we would extend the Norwegian summer with new recipes that you might not have experienced, unless you’d been on vacation to the countries from which the recipes originate.

At, you can get better acquainted with the street food chefs and learn how to make real street food from the great Norwegian ingredients, found in any grocery store all across the country. It is easy, doable, and with the Norwegian quality of eggs and meats, your dishes are sure to taste great.


2015 Sølvfisken - TVC of the Month - June