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Position Norges Kreative Høyskole (The Norwegian School of Creative Studies) as the leading school for creative studies in Norway, in the age group 17-24.

Generate 4.000 leads.


The target group is picky about what things they engage in, and advertising is usually not one of them.


Theoretical creativity is boring. Being creative is fun.


”Shock, soap or laser” – a digital creativity test where people could draw, write and compose music – before the answers, in the end, became ingredients of a personalized cartoon.

When finished doing the test – people could register to recieve more information from the school (leads).


The association ”the place to learn creativity” increased from 36% to 40%. Ranked number 1 in Norway.
Awareness increased 13% from previous year.

The creativity test

Number of registered leads: + 7.500
Number of unique visitors: + 125.000



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