Our Challenge

Norwegian companies don’t have to report how much money they make when operating abroad. This loophole in Norwegian tax laws, means poor countries miss out on millions of tax dollars each year.

Norway’s Minister of Finance, Sigbjørn Johnsen, can change these tax laws, but was under pressure by the industry not to. Therefore Changemaker Norway, a political youth organization, wanted to engage Norwegian teenagers in the fight to close this loophole.

Unfortunately, teenagers don’t care about tax laws or Norway’s Minister of Finance. They’re into Justin Bieber, LOLCATS and Facebook. So to get our message across, we decided to mix politics with … the internet.


We wanted to leave the Minister of Finance with no other choice but to say YES to hundreds of screaming fans. So we launched – with hundreds of reasons to love Sigbjørn Johnsen.

Through heaps of different gifs, pictures and videos we made Sigbjørn Johnsen the centre of attention. In true Justin Bieber-style we arranged for the fans to meet him. We wrote fan mail, made posters and tribute songs and got the media to support the cause.


38 582 people signed the campaign, which is almost 20 % of our target audience.

Sigbjørn Johnsen signed autographs live on Norway’s most popular morning show, “God Morgen Norge”. The campaign was mentioned in nationwide newspapers and Sigbjørn Johnsen personally saluted his fans for their great support in an interview with Norway’s number one financial paper, “Dagens Næringsliv”.

Most importantly, Sigbjørn Johnsen made a promise to close the loophole starting January 1st 2014.