The highlight of the 2013 Christmas campaign was a three hour long pork rib-epic full of everything you ever needed to know about, yes, pork ribs. Not only did we explain how the Christmas pork ribs evolved from start to finish, we also hid some almonds in the film and got a confectionist to make ribs from marzipan for those who found the almond. In other words, the 2013 campaign was a homage to traditional Norwegian Christmas food. This is great because MatPrat is supposed to be the place you go to every Christmas to learn how to achieve perfect crackling. That said, there is quite a long period before Christmas where the shops are full of Christmas products, but when people are rather busy. It is called pre-Christmas. And we wanted to talk about this in 2014.

Our Challenge

The main aim of the Christmas campaign 2014 was to get people to try and make quick and simple pre-Christmas dinners with a focus on pork as the produce. A more general aim was to communicate that MatPrat has everything you need to succeed in cooking during the pre-Christmas period, over the Christmas holiday, between Christmas and New Year and for New Year celebrations.


We also decided to deal with the pre-Christmas period, but how should we communicate this and what should we do? The first thing was to think about what life is like for people during this period – a few truths quickly became apparent. People are very busy, the Christmas mood sets in at different times for different people, and, even if people are busy, the pre-Christmas period feels festive, one in which you are allowed to enjoy yourself with, for example, Christmas food. The only problem is that Christmas food takes a long time to prepare. Based on this we came up with the concept «Whilst you’re waiting for something good, this is good too!». In short, new, quick and exciting pre-Christmas dinners you hadn’t tried before,  using traditional Christmas produce. And a little twist: The recipes changed according to how much Christmas you wanted. If you wanted a “medister” burger (minced fat and leaned pork) with “a little bit of Christmas”, you got a burger with glazed red onion, if you wanted “a lot of Christmas”, we added fig and date chutney. We had a total of four dinners, all in two different versions: “a little bit of Christmas” and “a lot of Christmas”. All of them were compiled on a clever campaign page, where you were always only one click away from all the recipes for traditional Christmas food.


The selection provided by the Christmas campaign was varied and very well integrated. All the films were made to contribute to creating a living campaign page, where recipes for pre-Christmas food could be found. On the campaign page, you could choose how “Christmassy” you wanted a recipe to be, and have different versions of the films played before you got the recipe.

We made a total of eight films, all tailor-made for YouTube, so that you could click on the film and go straight to the campaign page. In addition, we had considerable digital advertising and a lot of activity on social media.