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Our Challenge

In Norway, driving schools can be found on every other corner, but none stand out from the crowd. This makes it difficult for kids to choose the right one.

The driving school market in Norway consists of many small, family driven and local based enterprises. The position as market leader was “up for grabs”. With 23 schools around Norway, and two located in Sweden, Wright wanted to go for the number one spot.

Attention to Wright was low, as choice of driving school is mostly based on location and recommendations from friends. We wanted to put Wright top of mind by changing the communication in the category: From home made posters and no media budget, to the kid’s home field: The Internet.

Our challenge was to make Wright relevant to young people. We wanted Wright Driving School to be the natural choice. At the same time, Wright wanted to strengthen their position in social media, especially on Facebook. This would continue the dialogue, and help Wright when choice of driving schools would come up.


A driver’s license is necessary for most adults to have in Norway. Many receive support from their parents, but it’s still very expensive. Kids without driver’s license hang out online 24/7, just passing time. So we made an easy little game, «How far would you go – to get a license?» – challenging the kids on their home turf.

The only objective was to… walk. UFOs, flying pigs, even Batman – spiced up the gaming experience and ad boards with tips, hints and jokes from Wright.

To win you had to hold down the right arrow on your keyboard the longest – without letting go. To keep youngsters from placing a rock on the key and go outside to play with their YoYos, we created a few simple obstacles.


  • The kids walked and walked.
  • 58133 players played for 326 160 minutes (227 days).
  • That’s one in seven of the population in our target audience.
  • The winner walked for 26 hours and 19 minutes.
  • 15 % of the total population between 16-20 took part in the campaign in a 3-month period.
  • The sales increased with 28 % throughout the year.
  • The number of Facebook-fans increased by a 1000 % during the campaign.
  • Wright now has 500 % more fans than their closest competitor.
  • For those who didn’t win, hopefully we made picking a driving school easier.




2013 Sølvtaggen - May
2013 Bronze - Lovie Awards
2013 Diploma - PIAF Awards