In 2019, an 11-year-old girl in Argentina was denied an abortion after rape, which sparked international outcry for legal abortion. In order to put pressure on Argentine politicians, Amnesty launched a petition. The goal was to reach 50 000 signatures, but with a limited budget, we had to think differently.

Research shows that strict abortion laws only lead to more illegal abortions. And one of the most horrible symbols of illegal abortion is the clothes hanger.

To garner signatures for safe and legal abortion in Argentina, Amnesty teamed up with the second-hand clothing app, Tise, to launch the #signaturecollection – a campaign where 23 celebrities and influencers filled clothes hangers with garments to collect signatures. The collection was posted on the Tise app, where users could win garments if they signed the petition.

The campaign became Amnesty’s most signed petition that year, and received over 67 000 signatures that were later handed over to the Embassy of Argentina.


2019 Medieprisen – Gold – Creative media
2020 Gullblyanten – Silver – Non-Commercial
2020 Gulltaggen – Gold – Influencer Marketing
2020 Gulltaggen – Silver – Advertising and Communications
2020 Gulltaggen – Silver – Media strategy