BankID is Norway’s leading provider of personal and simple electronic proof of identity for secure identification and signing online. It lets you do everything from signing a bank loan to checking health journals electronically to avoid having to attend somewhere in person or sending stuff in the mail.

In last few years there has been an increase in cases where people’s BankID‘s has been misused. People have given their BankID password to someone they trust, who then again has used it to their own benefit, with severe economic consequences for the victim.

As a consequence of this BankID wanted us to inform Norway that their BankID password is not for sharing – not at all.

Our insight was that the easiest way to keep your BankID safe is simply to say no.

The idea: Letting 90s dance legends 2 Unlimited perform our message: No, no, no, no, no, no.

The campaign was brought to life by Swedish director’s collective Traktor.