Hidden complimentary images

Posters at Dolly Dimple’s restaurants were placed in the restaurant restrooms, where potential Mouthfulness-users could be reached
one on one.


Dolly Dimple’s wanted to do something extra for their most hardcore fans. The ones who love pizza more than anything in the world. These fans often have one thing in common – sharing their lives with someone who doesn’t love pizza quite as much as they do.

That is why we made Mouthfulness. An app that increases the chance of pizza being someone’s preferred dinner of choice. The app starts by pretending to be a mindfulness-app, lulling you and your partner to sleep with comfortable words and soothing sounds. Like any other modern mindfulness-app, it monitors your sleep by using the phone’s sound and movement sensors. How it uses this information however, is a bit different.

As soon as you’re safe and sound in lullaby land, Mouthfulness shifts to mesmerizing words about sizzling hot pizza. How you crave it. How good it tastes. And specifically, how delicious Dolly Dimple’s pizzas are, with fresh crust, delicious toppings and tempting sauces. And it doesn’t stop, unless one of you should wake up during the night and set off the sound or movement sensor. Then the app quickly shifts straight back to mindfulness-mode, guiding you right back to dreamland. The result is a good night’s sleep, blissfully unaware that you have been hearing all about Dolly Dimple’s excellent pizzas for hours and hours.

Should the pizza lover still need help for convincing their counterparts, even after using the app all through the night, this will also be taken care of. In the app, they’ll find a great deal on pizza, as well as perfectly persuading texts to go along with it, depending on what arguments best suits the current situation.