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The epic moments drawing of skier Asbjørn Eggebø Næss, one of 300 unique illustrations made throughout the campaign.

Asbjørns photo, from which the illustration was created.


We created a campaign together with GORE-TEX® and Anton Sport to awaken peoples winter feeling, based on their own memories. People submitted their own photographs, which were turned into epic adventure drawings.


GORE-TEX® and Anton Sport sought to increase interest in new products before the start of the winter season of 12/13, without using discounts as an enticement. Our task was to awaken the winter feeling, and give people interested in skiing and the outdoors a reason to visit shops early.


We offered our target group a manifestation of their own experiences. People uploaded photos and descriptions of their strongest winter memories. Our illustrators interpreted each photo and created unique drawings — with bewitching inspiration from Kittelsen and Doré — amplifying the adventure in each experience. Hand drawn illustrations were printed on canvas and sent back to each participant. The finished drawings could also be shared digitally from our website – which also contained information about products available in the store.

Drawings were given as a reward to the first customers who purchased GORE-TEX® items in the shop. Shop employees competed among each other to get their own moments glorified. An open competition was hosted by skiing website friflyt.no.

Participants got a personalized social object, based on their own experiences, that they happily shared with others. This encouraged more people to come to the shop early to check on new outerwear for the season.

The film introduced the campaign on the Internet, on screens in the shops and in cinemas. It sparked a winter feeling and introduced the campaign with the help of two well-known profiles in the target group.

The campaign stood out thanks to personal adaptation and a new visual expression in the sports category, where the focus has been on bulk purchased items and cheap prices.

Case study


GORE-TEX® sales remained stable, despite a downward trend in the sports category

Total number of unique drawings: 300
Total number of film views: 24,762 (+ additional cinema pre-rolls, no media spend)

Campaign page numbers:
Number of unique visitors: 15,138
Average visit time: 3.28 min
Page views: 51,843
PR: Fri Flyt, Kreativt Forum, Sportsbransjen


2013 Sølvtaggen mai