Passports are now officially not the worst thing to forget when traveling.

Precious stuff gets left behind when people set off towards the airport. Most people only double back to get their passport or luggage, but other stuff is just as important to other people. A child’s teddy bear in this case. The rational is the same, because Flytoget Airport Express departs every 10. minutes so nothing, or no one, needs to get left behind.

Flytoget Airport Express is one of Norway’s best liked brands across all categories, so it was time to make it emotional. Their pride and focus on excellent service, running on time and having very frequent departures, adds up to positive real-life consequences for their customers. With their new creative concept, they focus more on the human and emotional aspects of things. Because after all, that’s what really matters, whatever kind of a service you provide.

The campaign was brought to life by director Harald Zwart and his Motion Blur in collaboration with the talented people at Gimpville.


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