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Tip from fan to artist, as laid out in print.

The very limited, full box set of the ten books.

Boards around town highlighted local tips, as shared with the artists.


A great thing about Øya, Norway’s prime music festival, is the location, right in the middle of town. Øya is Oslo, and Oslo is Øya. Hoping to inspire the visiting artists to enjoy their stay in our little city, we created a tool to help them explore. Nobody knows Oslo better than the people who live here, and nobody knows the artist better than their fans. So, we encouraged the local music fans to share their own favorite Oslo tips.

Hundreds of tips were gathered through social media. Everything from restaurants and bars, to activities and unique spots, accompanied by personal stories, were shared. The content was made into 10 books, each one unique to the headliners playing the festival. Each book was then handed to its rightful owner backstage on the day of the concert.

As tipped by a fan, Danish artist MØ enjoyed a guided tour of the Munch Museum.

Going forward, the campaign will be used to promote Oslo as a destination internationally.

Physical copies were only printed for the artists, but digital versions were made widely available online. See the digital guides here.

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2017 Gullblyanten - Gold - Social Media
2017 Gullblyanten - Gold - DM (Bring)
2017 Gullblyanten - Gold - Packaging Design
2017 Gullblyanten - Silver - Craft
2017 Gullblyanten - Bronze - Promo & Activation
2017 Gullkorn - Diploma - Innovation
2018 Gulltaggen - Silver - Integrated
2018 Max Marketing Mix - Silver - Entertainment