Dolly Dimple’s wanted to attract a younger audience to their restaurants, by offering a deal on their fantastic pizza «Brennheit» (vaguely translated to ‘Burning Hot’). The audience is a hard one to reach for a pizza chain, because they tend to live their lives through digital channels. Of course, they love their pizza, but Dolly Dimple’s needed to make themselves more visible. And they had to prove – not only claim – that they’re a modern, innovative brand.

What we did was make a modern and digital take on a traditional children’s game; Hot or cold. In this game, made as a web-app specially designed for smartphones, participants could find and win free pizza.

The game was centered around your GPS-location. No matter where in Norway someone started the game, a digital pizza would be placed within a few minutes walking distance. Participants moved around in the real world, with phones providing them with hints and feedback. Finally, they would have to visit a Dolly Dimple’s restaurant to claim their prize, exchanging virtual pizza for a smoking hot, fully edible and very real «Brennheit» pizza.