KLP is the biggest municipal employee pension fund in Norway. Their members have at least one thing in common – they have dedicated their professional life to taking care of others. Starting in 2016, we’ve established a tone of voice that’s all about celebrating the members and the important work they do every single day.

Life happens, also at night – August 2018
Here’s a tribute to the ones that are working through the night, so the rest of us can sleep safe and sound.

Saving Christmas Eve – Desember 2017
Every Christmas, a lot of people have to be at work to keep Norway running. Here’s a tribute to those who are waiting for them back home.

Superheroes – September 2017
There are no real superheroes as we know them from the movies. Others have to fill that role in the real world. Knowing the hard work their members does on a daily basis, KLP believes in the everyday heroes.

Inspired by our owners  – September 2016
In this story, we shine a light on what you have to sacrifice in order to take care of others. This was the starting point in the series of campaigns that are celebrating the members of KLP.