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As Norway’s largest public sector pension company, KLP takes care of doctors, nurses, firefighters, ambulance personnel, et cetera. In short, people doing work that really matters. Unfortunately, many of these employees, or future employees, don’t know what great benefits that come with the profession they have chosen. Of course, they can enjoy a secure and meaningful job, but the benefits by KLP go a lot further—providing excellent conditions for banking, fund savings and insurance services.

This campaign introduces a young man living the Insta-influencer-lifestyle to the max, wildly indulging in all the perks of his trade. But lately he’s begun to feel weighted by the struggle, working hard to maintain his edge. Also, it doesn’t help that anyone with 10k followers can call themselves influencers these days. He starts contemplating doing something even more meaningful, or maybe a new line of work altogether.

A number of campaign elements will unfold in digital, social and traditional channels over the course of the next few weeks.


2019 Cannes Lions - Shortlist - Film
2019 Cresta Awards - Bronze - Moving Image
2019 Gullblyanten - Gold - Film
2020 The One Show - Shortlist - Television & VOD