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Kolonial.no is now the biggest online grocery store in Norway. They have revolutionized grocery shopping by delivering groceries to your door steps. Their main challenge is that old habits are hard to break, and Norwegians continues to spend over an hour in the physical grocery stores every week. Instead of just talking about a better alternative. We wanted to let our target group experience it. And that’s why we opened our own physical grocery store in the middle of Oslo.

Since our grocery store didn’t need to be filled with products, shopping carts or qeues, we built our grocery store into a playground with its own coffee shop where you could shop for groceries while the children were playing.

Our grocery store was open for three weeks and became a meeting point for both families and kindergartens. And as importantly made Kolonial.no the most talked about grocery story during the campaign period, proving our point, that with Kolonial.no you can shop where ever you want to.


2017 Gullblyanten - Bronze - Stunt/Event
2017 Gullblyanten - Diploma - Outdoor