Page-description.heading.hidden started out by selling PCs and gaming equipment and has for a long time been preferred by gamers. This time they wanted to reach a bigger audience, without pushing the gamers away.

Looking into this brief we saw a big gap between “non-gamers” and “gamers”. There is a lack of understanding, replaced by all these complaints about never quitting when they’re asked to. It made it crystal clear that the non-gamers have no idea what it means for a gamer to quit in the middle of a game. That’s why we decided to take a stand for every gamer out there, and create some kind of understanding, by showing the non-gamers exactly how it feels.

By tapping into the gap between the two, the film has continued to create a lot of conversations online, where gamers are tagging non-gamers and parents and spouses are apologetic tagging the gamer in their house.


2019 Cannes Lions - Shortlist - Film Craft
2019 Cresta Awards - Bronze - Moving Image
2019 Sølvfisken - TVC of the Month - April
2019 Eurobest - Shortlist - Film
2019 Eurobest - Shortlist - Film
2019 Gullbranson - Best Direction
2019 Gullblyanten - Shortlist - Film
2019 Gullblyanten - Shortlist - Craft
2020 The One Show - Merit - Television & VOD
2020 Gulltaggen - Gold - Online Video