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With no media budget, we had to come up with our own media to get the attention of Norwegian teenagers.

We created custom-made logos and merch for artists that no one have heard of yet.

The project was created with help from Paraply Studio.

Some of Norway’s most popular artists joined in and endorsed the rookies.

During a two week period, new merch was revealed every other day on social media.

The project brought the unknowns all the way to the newsroom.


They say you got to see it to be it. But it’s hard for teenagers to relate to the full-blown stars of today. Instead, we put rookies just like them in the spotlight with the launch of Merch for the Unknown – a collection of merchandise for teenage singers, dancers and cosplayers that were participating in The Norwegian Youth Festivals of Art (UKM). The kids had no idea about the merch being made until Norway’s most popular artists all of a sudden wore it on social media and tagged them in the post.

Oslo rapper Hkeem handed out merch to two 12-year-olds at their school.


2018 Max Marketing Mix - Art Direction of the Year
2018 Gullblyanten - Bronze - DM (Bring)
2019 Gulltaggen - Shortlist - Best use of influencers