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Copy: The apple breed GRAVENSTEIN can be traced back to the end of the 1600s and the castle Graasten in Denmark. The apples are sour, very juicy and excellent for both eating and cooking. Their luxuriant trees can be found all over Norway’s fruit districts – and in the garden at Holmenveien 48 C in Slemdal, a classic manorial «Art Noveau» residential with an asking price of 19 750 000 NOK.

Copy: The apple breed TRANSPARENTE BLANCHE, also known as «Glassepler», first came to Norway in the early 1900s and has its origins from the Baltics and eastern parts of Russia. The apples figure can vary from cone to egg-shaped, and the peel is smooth and medium thick. The meat is both tender and juicy, with a fresh taste and mild aroma. The harvesting happens in September, with especially good conditions in the eastern parts of Norway – and in garden at Haakon Den Godes vei 21 in Vinderen, a beautiful country house with an asking price of 20 000 000 NOK.

Copy: The apple breed FILIPPA is named after Filippa Johansen, a Dane, who in 1880 sowed the seeds that later became the actual mother tree for this breed. The fruit is big and roller-shaped, and has a particular taste and aroma. Filippa apples can be harvested by end of September to mid-October. Its trees can be found all over Norway – and in the garden at Bjørnveien 50 in Slemdal, a large and lavish semi-detached house with an asking price of 16 500 000 NOK.


With the concept «Vi kan boliger utenom det vanlige» Sem & Johnson wants to claim the position as the most exclusive real estate broker in Oslo.

Throughout 2017 their strategy has been to lift current sales prospects out in their communication. And to do so in a way relevant to season.

So when autumn came, talking about the fact that properties with gardens and fruit trees are one of the most exclusive things you can own when Oslo is the city you want to live in, felt just right.

The campaign included print ads, social media and production of our very own apple juice.

We also collaborated with the social entrepreneurs «Epleslang», which since 2014 has given hundreds of disabled people jobs by harvesting apples in peoples gardens and transforming them into freshly squeezed apple juice. But they needed more volunteers to open up their gardens.

Being one of Oslo’s biggest providers of properties with gardens, we came up with a contest that encouraged people to become garden-donors.


2017 Gullblyanten - Bronze - Print