In April 2017, the Norwegian government proposed a new copyright law. With this new proposition all artists, songwriters and composers faced the risk of losing the ownership of their art, making it more difficult to make a living from their music.

GramArt and NOPA – two organizations representing everyone who makes music in Norway, quickly realized that this would become a their most important fight in decades, but how could they break through, in a debate where everyone is talking and no one is listening? – They could be silent.

On Wednesday, May 10th at 1 PM, a diverse troop of Norwegian artists joined forces and launched their silent protest – by removing the music from their music videos, and posting them under the #utenmusikk (translates to «without music»).

The movement led to massive media attention, creating a platform for NOPA and GramArt to speak up for their members publicly. Only three days after the campaign went live, the message had reached the politicians, who decided to withdraw the bill.


2018 Gulltaggen - Gold - Online Video
2018 Gulltaggen - Bronze - PR
2017 Gullkorn – Gold - Public Awareness
2017 Anfo Effekt – Gold - B2B